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Gustar Divino's welcomes you to his website.

Gustar Divino’s group has accumulated lots experience both in Italy and in England.
Sommelier, Journalists, Farmers, Craftsman, Food Producers, have been object of our attention to the research of everything has to do with food and wine.

Goodness and Quality do not have borders in Italy
Now a days the world is changing quickly as well the companies.
The globalization standardize everything even the taste. Our effort is to get the best of the Italian lands and to offer the benefit to everyone likes to keep alive the memory of the antique taste of this region.


To keep the differences that for many decades has been the banner of all those people and places that have inspired the flavours of unique products, original, different and ruins.
Region’s expression involves genuineness of its fruits and contributes heavily to identify cultural identity.

Thanks to more then 40 years of experience we are able to:


PROMOTE and EXPORT Piedmont and Italian culture taste associated to other Countries’s cultures.
KEEP firm tradition and Italy's origin.



Original Fine Italian Food Made in Italy

Original Fine Italian Food Made in Italy - GUSTAR DIVINO

Our assortment includes many specialties from ITALY, as well as delicatessen products, gift ideas and gastronomic specialties; all directly available from our warehouse located in London or from the online shop. Visit our website in order to know more about it, and for any further information you may have please do not hesitate to contact us.



GUSTAR DIVINO's Partners also imports and distributes, on exclusive basis for United Kingdom, ingredients and semi-finished products for industry sectors such as sweets, chocolate, ice creams, yogurt, cheeses, pasta, sauces, broths, soups, condiments and other.

Please come to know our products and their countless uses, the taste of fine ingredients and culinary delicacies that will delight your palates.


Piedmont our passion

Torino and Piedmont

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Temporary stores , co-marketing, branding, re-branding, fair events, marketing

Temporary stores , co-marketing, branding, re-branding, fair events, marketing - GUSTAR DIVINO
Everything is produced by work, aided by what used to be called art and is now called technique, by natural resources which are free or cost a rent according to their scarcity or abundance, and by the results of past works [...] It is preferable to regard work, including, of course, the personal services of the entrepreneur and his assistants, as the sole factor of production, operating in a given environment of technique, natural resources, capital equipment and effective demand. (John Maynard Keynes)
Are You interested to join with us ? Are You looking for opening a retail shop of italian products ? Are you interested to Franchise with us ? Do You like our products ? Are You owner of a food & wine shop ? Do you want to restore it ? Are You interested to became a Gustar Divino seller ?



Piedmont our passion

Piedmont our passion - GUSTAR DIVINO

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